Serve the City came together at the end of 2012 with a shared vision for encouraging more volunteering in Luxembourg. We come from different countries, at different stages in life and work, but we all want to make a difference to those in need. Have a look below at some of the wonderful people who are part of our team and work behind the scene to make Luxembourg a better place.

Nicolas Duprey – President

Nicolas originally comes from the nearby Lorraine and has now become a Luxembourgish citizen. Based on his personal experience he knows what it means for expats to get involved in the community outside of their daily routine. After 15 years working in the financial industry he has now decided to fully dedicate himself to the common good. He is convinced that together we have the power to make our cities more sustainable and is calling for a real „Serving Revolution“. When he is not busy working towards common good he enjoys the multicultural setting and spending time with friends running in the surrounding nature.

Sonia Casteran – Secretary

Sonia is French, and she studied and lived in France and Germany before she found her “heart country” in Luxembourg in 2010. She works in the construction sector as a marketing and sales Project Manager. She enjoys travelling, cooking, and now running as well. She began volunteering for STC Luxembourg by supporting communication on social media. Currently, she works as Secretary and oversees logistics which is essential to project success. She is also very involved in engaging the younger generation.

Florent Brunet – Treasurer

Florent comes from France and is now in Luxembourg since 2015. He likes travelling, discovering new places and people. He also likes reading, going to the cinema and out with his friends. Being involved with Serve the City allows him to take part to Luxembourg life in a different way and see people from a different perspective. His motto : with a bit of money and good will we can change the face of our cities!

César González Fernández – VP Environment

César is from Spain and arrived in Luxembourg in 2019. Clean-up activist he created an app to connect people to clean the world, one bag of trash at a time. He is a nature enthusiast who enjoys camping, traveling, music, Berlin, basketball, urbex, and learning new things. His involvement with Serve the City- Grouss Botz clean-up sparked his interest in the other volunteer activities we organize and the people involved. César believes that Serve The City clean-ups are so much fun and make a huge impact on the environment and people without asking anything in return.

Giulia Poto – Project Leader

Giulia is from Italy and works for a multinational company in Luxembourg. In her spare time, she loves to travel, read, and watch old movies. Aside from sports, she is a superb dancer, especially at Jazz & Lindy Hop. All-rounder, for sure! Giulia became a volunteer leader at Serve the City and she feels lucky to be part of this. She fully identifies with Serve the City’s approach and values for a more inclusive society. For her serving others is a way for sharing and giving back.

Jérôme Bergeron – IT Manager

Jérôme arrived in Luxembourg from Canada in late 2019. He oversees a small team of tech developers. He enjoys gaming nights with friends and loves mapping/geography. It was Serve the City’s environmental clean-up event that prompted him to join as it is a cause he appreciates and one that he is very easy to get involved with. He moved up the ladder to become a team leader and is now serving as IT Manager for Serve the City. His goal is to streamline back-office operations as Serve the City grows. He lives by the motto: Be the change you want to see and don’t be afraid to be uncomfortable!

Mariana Curnic – Project Leader

Mariana is one of the team leaders for our Street Team and environmental projects. Born and raised in Moldova, she is now settled in Luxembourg since January 2018. Empathy, passion and positivity are always present in her day-to-day work, volunteer activities and personal life. In her free time, Mariana enjoys hiking, podcasts listening and of course, supporting people in need.


Sonal Sharma – Social Media Manager

Sonal originally hails from India (भारत). Besides being an IT professional and a volunteer enthusiast, she also enjoys vlogging, playing the ukulele, and traveling. For her, life without music is like bread without butter. Having volunteered in India since childhood, she decided to continue her volunteer journey when she moved to Luxembourg. That’s how she found Serve the City.  She aims to keep doing good in the world and help people as much as she can because good always comes back, and even a small act of kindness makes a big difference to someone.

Catherine O’ Neill – Project Leader

Catherine is from Co. Wicklow in Ireland. It’s been ten years since she’s lived in Luxembourg and she works in Asset Management industry. Her favourite activity is running or hiking. Being raised on a farm with 10 brothers and sisters, cooking and feeding others has always been a passion for her. Serve the City caught her eye in 2018, when she was seeking volunteer opportunities in Luxembourg. She is a Team Leader at Serve the City and admires its kindness and spirit. A motto she lives by: Pay it forward. Having been fortunate enough to receive help and compassion when she needed it, she wants to be able to offer that to others as well.

Abdulrahaman Asaad – Project Leader

Abdul hails from Tartous, Syria. He moved to Luxembourg in February 2022 as an asylum seeker and follows a Master’s degree program in economics. In his spare time, he enjoys camping and gardening. Serve the city caught his attention when he was looking for cleaning and environmental events on Instagram. His passion for STC was ignited when he discovered their noble mission. Currently, he’s a team leader & social media representative. As a member of STC, one of his main objectives is to connect with individuals who are passionate about environment conservation. The motto he lives by is “Even a smile makes a difference.”

Corina Niculet – Project Leader

Corina is from Romania and has moved in Luxembourg in 2013. A majority of her day-to-day work involves dealing with financial data. Dancing, reading, and dancing some more are are her favorite things to do in her spare time. It was in 2017 that she first learned about STC. When she first joined the Street Team as a volunteer, she enjoyed the experience and wanted to get involved more. As a result, she continued to be a member of the street team on a regular basis. Now, she is in charge of organizing activities for the shelter kids. She is fully committed to bringing a smile to children’s faces. When it comes to volunteering, she believes that she is the one who gains the most. Give and you will receive! That’s her motto!

Gwladys Guillory – Project Leader

Gwladys hails from Saintes, in the west of France. Luxembourg has been her home since 1998. She enjoys dancing and practices classical ballet. She also teaches boxing occasionally, enjoys yoga, sailing, and paragliding. She is the Events and Conference Coordinator for Alzheimer Europe ASBL. She discovered Serve the City at an event in Brussels and since then has collaborated to donate food from her events to Serve the City local chapters. After that, she contacted the Luxembourg branch and started as a Street Team Leader. Her volunteering goal is to “let no one be left behind”.

Photo credits: Almyra Knevel Persson/Pascal Hilpert