The Serve the City Board came together at the end of 2012 with a shared vision for encouraging more volunteering in Luxembourg. We were six people from different countries, at different stages in life and work, but we all wanted to make a difference to those in need in Luxembourg. Have a look here below at all the wonderful people who have since joined our team.

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Dominique Lorentz – Vice President
When she is not traveling the world seeking for new adventures, riding her MTB or eating ice-cream, Dominique a native Luxembourger, is a busy primary school teacher. She learned about Serve the City by volunteering for the Street Team, which quickly became one of her favorite projects. She enjoys being a part of the Serve the City because it has given her the opportunity to make a small difference by helping those in need.

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Chiara Dazzeo – Treasurer
Chiara is Italian and has been living in Luxembourg since 2014. Reaching out, knowing people and communicating with them is one of the things she likes most. She joined Serve the City as this gives her the opportunity to get to know the country and put her energies into helpful projects.

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Charles Diatta – Secretary
Charles is a 36-year-old multicultural law graduate. He expresses his passion for humankind through volunteering activities but also enjoys singing and meditating. He believes in the power of a smile. Do you? 😉

Almyra Knevel Persson – Photographer
Almyra has been in Luxembourg since 2000. Originally from Canada, she lived in Sweden and Belgium before settling in Luxembourg. When she’s not testing out new camera techniques, she’s teaching English to French children and running a household with three children. Her heart is strong for volunteering and she’s excited to be part of the Serve the City leadership team.

Mélanie Branchesi – Project Leader
Mélanie is French, with Italian roots. She works for a Japanese bank in Luxembourg. She heard about Serve the City from a colleague in 2014 since then she enjoys supporting people in need and is excited to be part of the leadership team of STC! During her free time, she likes running outside to relax and enjoy the beauty nature has to offer.

Laura Branchesi – Project Leader
Laura is a French graduate who’s been working in Luxembourg’s financial sector since 2014. She enjoys dancing, swimming and spending time with her friends! In her free time, she likes to help people in need or bring a little cheer into their daily lives.  She is happy her sister Melanie introduced her to Serve the City where she can work on projects she believes in.

Paulo Oliveira – Project Leader
Paulo is originally from Portugal and moved to Luxembourg in the summer of 2015. Having done volunteer work in his home country he naturally decided to continue in Luxembourg. He enjoys being a part of Serve the City because it allows him to leave a positive impact on society, and he believes these small acts of kindness can help change people’s lives. When he’s not busy with Serve the City, Paulo works with one of our partners, Médecins du Monde.

Former Board / Team members


Manuel Rudkin – President
Manuel is a young Luxembourger who enjoys working with people to help them or simply make them happy. In his free time he loves to ride his motorbike or snowboard, play guitar and video games or play with fire – literally! (He’s a talented firebreather!) Starting Serve the City in Luxembourg has been his dream since he first got to know STC in Brussels.

Catalina Geib – Partnership Coordinator
Growing up in a multi-cultural and welcoming society that is Luxembourg, Catalina is always keen in meeting people from different cultures. After her studies in London and Berlin, she volunteered for Serve the City for the first time in Brussels, as a coordinator at the European Commission Solidarity Committee for Trainees. Volunteering for STC was probably the most memorable part of her experience. This quickly led her to another volunteering opportunity in Peru, and later on in Washington, D.C. Now back in Luxembourg after a long time away from home, she wants to continue bringing people together to volunteer for a good cause, emphasizing that human dignity is the highest good we have to preserve. If not busy organizing things, she enjoys the outdoors while running or adventuring, writing, traveling, being with friends, cooking, singing and laughing out loud.

Patricia Vilar – Legal Advisor
Patricia is a young Legal Advisor to the Luxembourgish Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Department of Rescue Services and Civil Protection. She loves life and people and dedicates her time to serving others. During her free time Patricia enjoys traveling, going to concerts, and reading novels written by Paulo Coelho! She has Portuguese origins but grew up in Luxembourg’s multi-cultural environment allowing her to speak Luxembourgish, French, and German. She truly believes in the expression “Think global, act locally” and is always ready to support Serve the City behind the scenes.

Pascale Soares – PR & Communication Manager
Pascale is a French citizen and has lived in Luxembourg for the past 24 years. She has a degree in sociology and has spent most of her life abroad in Africa and Europe working in international development. In addition to social action and her love for traveling, she is also very passionate about the arts and creativity in general. Pascale loves to deal and exchange with people of all kinds of backgrounds and cultures and is interested in the personal development of others. She joined STC in 2015 and is enthusiastic about the concept of making, if not miracles, at least a positive impact on society.

Amy Sandoval – Digital Marketing & Communications Manager
Amy is originally from San Francisco and moved to Luxembourg in 2014. She is passionate about art & technology and is always looking for new ways to combine the two. As a new member of Serve the City, she looks forward to promoting and help shape the volunteering opportunities in Luxembourg.

Nissrine Benabad – Partnership Coordinator
Nissrine has Moroccan and French origins, but is actually Luxembourgish since she has been living in Luxembourg for almost 20 years now. She’s 28 and a psychologist. Nissrine loves volunteering because she believes that small actions can have a big impact! She’s very excited to be part of STC, as it stands up for its country and people in need!

Grace Courlander – Project Leader
Grace has British roots but grew up here in Luxembourg! She is 25 years old and training to be a psychologist. She loves to travel and spent many months volunteering in various countries in Asia. She believes the simple act of helping someone as one of the most rewarding experiences you can enjoy! She is very excited to be starting with Serve the City and to help make a real impact in Luxembourg.

Alix Reboul-Salze – President
Alix is French and works for a bank (surprise!) as a translator. She has been living in Luxembourg since 2010 and likes its multicultural setting. She enjoys dancing salsa, having drinks with friends and organizing all types of events and get-togethers. She discovered STC in 2014 and has become a big fan of it. She is very excited to now be President!

Amy Lloyd
Amy is a young American who has enjoyed living in Luxembourg since 2011. When she’s not at home baking desserts, she’s studying French, hiking the many trails throughout the countryside, or taking a coffee with friends. Although she is new to Serve The City, she is excited to be a part of the team, to meet the needs of the people and help make a difference in this beautiful country.

Isobel Weller
Isobel is Welsh and has been in Luxembourg since 2013 with her husband Graham, who is a Ports Engineer with the EIB. Isobel works as a social worker in the UK, and started volunteering with Serve the City in February 2014. She has a passion for encouraging others, so she is really excited about being part of the team and seeing the culture of volunteering grow here in Luxembourg!

Ciara Phelan
Ciara comes from Ireland and works as a project manager here in Luxembourg. She is a joyful person who’s easy to get along with. Mediation and talking are some of her favourite things to do. She got involved in Serve The City because she believes supporting our diverse community is important and wants to make a difference.

Julia Warsap
Julia followed her husband to Luxembourg, with two small boys, in March 2014 and has somehow survived! She has a background in media/marketing and project management and wanted to keep her skills alive whilst settling her family into the new life in Luxembourg. So she joined Serve the City to help promote all the great things that are going on here. She also loves volunteering herself, whenever childcare allows.

Rasmus Koefoed-Jespersen – President
Rasmus is Danish and works in Customer Experience for a multinational technology company. He has been living in Luxembourg since 2011. He likes quality coffee and liquorice and loves being part of STC because it’s a chance to build something really great.

Ricarda Colborn – Vice President
Ricarda is German and works in HR Consulting. She has been living in Luxembourg since 2009. She likes meeting friends and new people, travelling and walking her dog Luna. She is currently also discovering the world of cooking! As part of Serve the City, she particularly enjoys establishing relationships with partners and linking volunteers to the projects that fit them.

Michael Sweerts – Treasurer
When not playing with his children or working in the garden, Michael (born and bred all around the world) works for the European Union, seeing whether taxpayers’ money has been well spent. He and his wife, Evelyn, and their four children have been living in Luxembourg since 2007 and love it here! Which is why he has a heart for Serve the City in helping make Luxembourg an even better place to live.

Fiona Koefoed-Jespersen – Secretary
Fiona is British, living in Luxembourg since 2011. She is an event planner and a writer. She likes gathering people together to celebrate and collaborate, and loves nothing better than when her big dining table is crammed with people talking and drinking good wine together.

Photo credits: Almyra Knevel Persson

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