At the side of the most vulnerable during the holiday season! ??

 In STC Luxembourg

In addition to the activities organized for our various beneficiaires inside and outside the shelters (movie nights, Kleeschen, children’s activities, Christmas party, etc.) throughout the month of December, our teams were also at the side of our friends in need in the streets of Luxembourg on Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Our so-called “Sweets Team” was there to distribute treats, hot drinks and warm clothes and, above all, to share a little time with our friends and show them support during the holiday season. Indeed, this is usually the time of year when vulnerable people suffer the most from isolation. Here are some of the feedbacks from our dedicated team leaders:

Christmas Eve Edition:

We prepared and distributed hot drinks, a bag with clothes and bags with clementines, water, a generous slice of panettone (italian pie) as well as different chocolates and biscuits. It has been a great initiative really appreciated and emotionally engaging for both the volunteers and our friends in need!”

— Giulia, Team leader

New Year’s Eve Edition:

“We were welcomed by our friends on the street with smiles and they even played some music (harmonica) for us! In total, we were 6 volunteers with a great energy. One came with her daughter who was great helping preparing the bags as well as a great photographer!”

— Marion, Team leader

Special thanks to Giulia for arranging delicious treats and volunteers for participating and giving their precious time. It’s always worth remembering that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; in fact, it’s the only thing that ever has. ?

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