Carnival Magic at Refugee Shelters ✨

 In Kids Activities, STC Luxembourg, Volunteer Events

Last week Serve The City and its partners transformed the kids’ shelters into a vibrant carnival, filled with joy, creativity, and community spirit. Here is some feedback from the activities run in one of the shelters.

Before the carnival began, our kind-hearted volunteers prepared homemade doughnuts, bringing sweetness not just to the palate but to our souls. As the day unfolded, the shelter buzzed with excitement: face painting, mask making adorned with feathers and colors, and a plethora of activities that sparked the children’s imagination and creativity.

Among others, the children from the refuge who have not yet been to school and who recently arrived in Luxembourg as refugees were delighted. It was a chance for them to make their own masks, capture some wonderful memories and make the most of the carnival festivities. The laughter and joy were infectious, with every child creating and exploring in their unique way.

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