Culture and language: the key to integration!

 In STC Luxembourg

Since the lifting of health restrictions, we have been able to restart our Movie nights in different asylum seekers shelters in Luxembourg. And for those who never experienced it, this is definitely much more than watching a movie. The whole idea here is to practice languages and discover local culture to facilitate their future integration in the Luxembourgish society. In Lux City, together with our partner the Red Cross, we decided to focus on French language which is one of the key languages for school, work or personal life.

Depending on the time of the year or the movie itself, it is always a good occasion to learn about European culture and history. For instance, this year we organised a Movie night on Bastille Day to celebrate French culture and language with our friends seeking asylum here in Luxembourg. A good comedy, French specialties, information about what 14th of July is all about followed by great discussions… well all the ingredients for a perfect evening and definitely a Bastille Day to remember for all of us!

Lately we watched with them “Les Visiteurs”, an outrageous time-travel comedy. A good slice of laugh shared with our friends while following the misadventures of these 12th-century visitors trying to adapt to the wildly confusing modern world! It was also a good opportunity for our friends from other cultures to discover in a playful way a part of European History while eating warm popcorn. Definitely a good way to have fun and learn together at the same time!


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