Interview with Ibrahim: From Refugee Friend to STC Leader

 In STC Luxembourg

Meet Ibrahim, to learn more about his journey from Iraq to Serve the City in Luxembourg.

1) Tell us about how and where you heard about Serve the City? 

I first heard about Serve the City on Facebook. Pascale had appeared on the Salaam show and she talked about how they needed more help with projects. So I decided to reach out and help wherever I can.

2) Why did you want to join the team? 

I wanted to be a volunteer in some way and joined it because I liked the project. My friendship with Pascale brought me to believe in the team and what we can do. I then also started planning to join the street team, because I wanted to help the homeless and see how they live. It inspires me to help others, especially because I myself have known how it is to be helpless.

3) What do you enjoy most about Serve the City?

STC are welcoming and perfect. I like working with the projects, because they give me the friendship that I want to reach. It makes me want to do more and I really like the atmosphere. It’s really about the great team members that I enjoy helping and doing more every day.

4) How did you come to Luxembourg and what was your first impression?

I arrived in November 2015, from Mosul, Iraq. Before coming to Luxembourg, I saw it as a place where I could build a life, have peace and find work. Once I arrived, I saw a lot of cultures and nationalities – all the countries and cultures in one and the same country impresses me. People from Portugal, Spain, Italy, the United States of America, all the world – it’s amazing.

5) What worries you most about your life in Luxembourg?

The procedures and paperwork that I have to work with every day. The unknown places and streets – even after one year, we still don’t really know how this country really works and we don’t know what is going to happen. Everyone is just trying to get by and understand and learn about everything.
6) What should Serve the City Luxembourg do more of?

First, I want even more people to know that Serve the City exists. I want to make people, like the homeless, aware that those who are helping them are Serve the City volunteers. In this way, the positive news about the association can spread and we can get even more help, with more people and volunteers. I want more people to come to us and create great, new projects, that will help even more people. I want us to focus on integration, for example have running teams, mixed with Luxembourgish people and refugees. I want everyone to know, what a great organisation Serve the City is.

Thank you Ibrahim!



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