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What is Grouss Botz? That’s a very good question!

It is an age old initiative running across the country every Spring, and it means ‘big clean up’. Groups of volunteers are coming together in approximately 57 communes, to help clean up rubbish and work on specific cleaning and maintenance projects that benefit everyone.

Serve the City are proud to be supporting the Grouss Botz, by connecting people with projects in their area.

We have set up a dedicated website, listing information and maps to help you find a project, and sharing articles from previous years to give you a taste of what Gross Botz is all about:

Now that Spring has sprung, we encourage all of you to roll up your sleeves and get involved in your local  communities!

***Grouss Botz happening this weekend!!***

Saturday 28th March                          Sunday 29th March
Hesperange                                             Hosingen

We think Grouss Botz can be done in many ways, shapes or forms.

In some communes Grouss Botz is arranged on a particular day where people from the area meet together, divide into small teams and walk the streets and squares picking up trash. The organiser may provide equipment like gloves, plastic bags and pickers depending of the project and location. Once bags are full they may be collected and brought to a central locations or directly to the disposal centre. At the end of the day there may be a drink or snacks to debrief and meet the other volunteers.

If you have a traditional way, great! If you want to do Grouss Botz in a new way, also great! Maybe your school or crèche wants to do it around their facility, or your company takes half a working day to clean up the industrial zone where they are located, or a group of neighbours gather together and clean up a common area. It may be picking up trash, or cleaning graffiti off walls or washing down a dirty area.

It may be short or long. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is to take those good intentions and put them to work in a way that benefits the community!

How to get involved? – You can sign up with your local Grouss Botz by checking out the map section of our website. If there is no project listed for your area you can contact your commune and ask for the details (and send them to us so we can list it). Or if you are up for the challenge you can set up your own Grouss Botz project.

What next? – Invite friends, colleagues, family to get involved, take lots of super photos and send them into us so that we can continue to compile articles and news stories on this great initiative for years to come. And of course, share – share – share your activities online to spread the word about Grouss Botz across the country! Why not send photos and stories to

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