Kids activities: “There is no bigger reward than a child’s smile”

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Serve The City has always been committed to serving young people. Whether it is in partnership with schools or directly in the shelters, to make them actors of society or simply to allow them to have moments of pause to breath in troubled lives and an often complicated daily life. Here are some testimonies from our volunteers who were present during one of our last “Kids activities” with the refugees.


“It was a surprising and emotional experience for me, probably because I am used to interact with adults in street teams. It was nice to see the progressive change of atmosphere and mood uplifting as the children became (more and more) familiar with us and with the activities: the mix of board games, physical activities and drawings/exercises gradually involved all of them and each in a different way, respecting their different personalities, interests and ways of interacting.”


“You have probably heard it before that volunteering is a SELFISH act. I could not agree more. I strongly believe that I am the one who wins the most from the interactions with the kids. The equation even proves it. What I win equals what I give times a thousand. Small acts such as drawing together, discovering new things together, building tall wooden towers together may mean so much to a child. And there is no bigger reward than a child’s smile and pure happiness. Nothing compares to that.”

You enjoy crafts, painting, origami, board games, movies etc. or you just like children and want to make a difference. Join our teams in the shelters!

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