Kleeschen celebrations in the refugee shelters!

 In STC Luxembourg

Kleeschen is a deeply rooted tradition in Luxembourg. On 6 December, the Kleeschen (Saint Nicholas) brings presents to the children of the Grand Duchy. This year, we were present in various shelters to share this incredible joy with the children living there. This was a mix of art workshops, gift distributions and movie afternoon, all to the delight of the children!

During our “Kids activities”, our volunteers worked with the children to prepare some beautiful decorations before St Nicholas arrived.  Of course, on the big day, our Kleeschen was also present to hand out presents and sweets. And what better way to end that day of celebration than with movie screenings and a beautiful Christmas story. And this wouldn’t go without drinks and delicious popcorn! In short, stars in the eyes and hearts full of joy for these wonderful children!

Thanks again to all the volunteers who helped organise and run the different projects. A first encounter with Saint Nicolas and his elves that hundreds of children will surely remember for a long time!

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