Letzclean initiative: Inaugural Cleanup in Esch

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As part of a remarkable initiative by the Collectif citoyen pour le climat, Serve the City Luxembourg, in collaboration with Transition Minett, organised a one of a kind clean-up event in Esch in October.

A Historic Cleanup in Esch

A few weeks ago the dynamic town of Esch witnessed a transformative event aimed at raising environmental awareness and community involvement. The day began in a joyous atmosphere with a breakfast prepared by our partners, including delicious homemade cakes before an impactful speach from the organisers. With the participation of more than 30 enthusiastic volunteers, the clean-up targeted key areas, leaving a lasting impact on the cleanliness of the town. At the same time, passers-by were able to come and meet us to share a cup of tea at the stand and talk about sustainable development, the issue of littering and how we can all take action.

Trash Suit and Trash Armor – Unveiling the Impact

During the day, one of the volunteers donned a “Trash Suit” – an eye-catching ensemble designed to visually represent the staggering amount of trash generated in a week. This innovative approach not only served as a powerful visual statement but also sparked engaging discussions with pedestrians passing by. The Trash Armor experience brought to light the urgent need for sustainable waste management practices and underscored Serve the City’s and its partners’ commitment to making a tangible difference in local communities.

Promoting Zero Waste and Global Environmental Awareness

Beyond the local impact in Esch, the Letzclean initiative aligns with the global push for Zero Waste. The cleanup effort collected an astonishing 36 kg of litter, including 4000 cigarette butts, emphasizing the scale of the challenge at hand. The event also provided a platform for raising awareness about the detrimental effects of littering on the environment. In a broader context, Serve the City continues to contribute to the global conversation on environmental sustainability, recognizing the need for collective action to address pressing issues such as pollution, waste management, and the overall health of our planet.

As the sun set on Esch after a day of collective effort, the impact of the Letzclean initiative resonated not only in the cleaned streets but also in the minds and hearts of the participants and the community at large. Together we remain committed to fostering a culture of environmental responsibility, one cleanup at a time, and invites everyone to join hands in creating a cleaner, greener future for all.

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