Mummy ‘Me-Time’ at Foyer Paula Bove

 In STC Luxembourg

StayWell PHSS stock photography

Do you love playing with babies and kids so much that you would give up your time to babysit one evening?

FMPO Foyer Paula Bove, a centre for women in difficulty, are looking for volunteers who can help look after some of their children, so the mums can go for a well earned night out.

We need 6 x volunteers to look after kids ranging from 7 months old to 9 years.

From 5.30-6pm we will meet the kids and their mums

From 6-7pm we will do activities with the children

From 7pm dinner will be provided by the Foyer

From 8pm we relax and chat a little, as the younger children head to bed

When: 22nd January

Where:Foyer Paula Bove (address will be confirmed to you on signup)

Times: 5.30-10.00pm

Please click here to sign up for the event

Photo credit: American Red Cross

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