Neighbours Helping Neighbours!

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Neighbours Day: A day of support for the Homeless & Clean up our common neighbourhood 

We had an incredible group of volunteers for Neighbours Day, full of enthusiasm, love, and respect. Among them were seasoned volunteers like Tom and Shruti, who used to serve with STC respectively in Limerick and  Berlin. This highlights the global spirit of service that connects us in Seve The city as a global volunteer community.

Our purpose that day was to serve the homeless people, provide them with meals and in the meantime clean our common neighbourhoods. The goal was to show that whether expats or people in need we are all neighbours. We aim to build a healthy neighbourhood where people care for and know each other. By helping people in the streets facing difficulties, by sharing happy moments, we are reinforcing the sense of belonging.

We were deeply moved by the homeless individuals we met. We visited those who always stay in some spots in the neighbourhood, and others we simply bumped into during our cleaning, offering refreshments and support. Surprisingly, some people politely declined the lunch packs, leaving them for others who might need them more. This selflessness was really inspiring.

This is what we strive for: a community where love, respect, and support are the foundation of our neighbourhood. Together, we can create a place where everyone feels valued and cared for.

“Because local solidarity requires everyone to understand that just a few minutes of care can change a great deal, a thorough concept of solidarity should be reflected on, applied, developed and eventually disseminated in order to make it a part of the daily life of each citizen.”

President of the European Federation of Local Solidarity (E.F.L.S.)

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