We are there to serve others. Humility means we do not presume to be experts but we work in collaboration with our partners and volunteers. We endeavour to walk alongside those we serve, with empathy. We seek to lift them up and draw out the best in them and ourselves.


We serve people to initiate a relationship. Knowing people by their name is knowing the uniqueness of their journey, their joys and pains, strengths and weaknesses, aspirations and frustrations.  We want to see people as human beings instead of putting them into “groups” that are nameless and faceless.


We carry out projects in collaboration with all members of society without prejudice based on gender, race, faith, or political preference. We fight against prejudice and encourage acceptance.  One of our main goals is to bring people together. We believe differences are not a problem but rather a chance to learn.


Courage enables us to face difficult realities, deep sufferings and injustices. But we understand that the courage it takes to serve pales in comparison to the courage we find in the lives of those we serve. We want to be with them, to look for solutions together.


There can be many motivations but the service that makes a real and lasting difference is motivated by love. Only with love will we be able to see the individual as a person. Love is composed of concrete attitudes, actions, and connections.


No cause is hopeless as long as there is a single person willing to persist in addressing it. Our society might be facing challenges, but together we can make a difference. Our approach is to start small and take action. What might seem small to us could be life-changing for someone else.