When over forty volunteers come together…

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What a Saturday! We had over forty volunteers turn out this past Saturday to join our two projects in domestic violence shelters and our regular homeless project.

Serve the City Luxembourg volunteers painting at Foyer Sud

Paintbrushes and rollers ready!

At Foyer Sud we had a large group of volunteers painting four communal rooms: the Kitchen, Living Room, Retreat Room and the Entrance. We painted bright and happy colours and the staff as well as the residents were super excited and loved the new look.

We were thrilled to have residents from the Foyer joining the redecorating, working alongside STC volunteers to improve their temporary home for themselves, including one very enthusiastic six year old boy. We love that they wanted to join in! It was an army of people with paint, brushes, rollers and masking tape – in total 23 painters literally transforming the Foyer in a day!

See more photos on facebook.

An Afternoon of Pampering

At FMPO Paula Bové our volunteers providing make-up tutorials, massages and manicures for the residents of the Foyer. We had four professional beauty therapists join us for the afternoon, which meant the quality was high. At the end of the afternoon, everyone got the chance to have their photo taken with their new look and the residents will be given these photos to keep.

Serve the City at FMPO Paula Bove

We also had a group of volunteers taking care of their children with fun autumn-themed craft projects. The sun was shining all afternoon so we also got to play in the garden which was great for running off all that energy!

It was the second time we did this and it was again a big success. We loved seeing the women relax and enjoy themselves in the midst of a difficult period of their lives, and to see the looks on their faces after their makeovers!

See more photos on facebook.

Street Food

Last, but definitely not least, our Street Food team headed out again with bags full of food and coffee for the Homeless in Luxembourg. We run this project each Saturday that local organisation Stemm vun der Stross is unable to open, so we are meeting a real need in the city.

Thank YOU!!

There were an uncountable number of great moments, conversations and new relationships forming on Saturday. So many moments of happiness and meaning. We couldn’t do any of this without all of our enthusiastic volunteers, or the fantastic partnerships we have with FMPO and Foyer Sud, so thank you for giving your time and your skills to make our city a better place.


If you volunteered with us on Saturday, we’d love your feedback.

Photo credit: Almyra Knevel Persson and Michael Sweerts.

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