Reflecting on our recent Beauty Event..

 In STC Luxembourg

Read Alix Reboul-Salze’s blog about our recent Beauty Event…

“I am no pro in beauty treatment, but as I like having girly time, I decided to volunteer anyway for a Beauty Event with Serve The City at Centre Ozanam.

It was a nice and cozy ambiance that Thursday evening. The zen music in the background helped everyone relax and the women to enjoy their “me” time.

Some of them felt like chatting with us, some would rather keep to themselves while Louise (she’s the pro) was massaging their hands and the rest of us would scrub and treat cuticles.

These women, whatever their age, have gone through rough times and they are not used to being pampered for no reason.

The smile on their face at the end of the session was priceless, and I know that my serving time was fruitful.

These women feeling more confident and good-looking as they leave are enough for me to be willing to sign up again next time.”


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