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PRESS RELEASE 27/09/2023

2023 marks a new stage in the development of Serve The City in Luxembourg. After 10 years in the Grand Duchy, the leading voluntary organisation for the expat community has been granted the “ Public Interest Status ” for its work to help the most vulnerable and protect the environment.

Now present in around a hundred towns and cities around the world, Serve the City mobilises a large number of volunteers to provide practical help to people in need and work to protect the planet. Homeless people, asylum seekers, the elderly, people with disabilities, children in distress, victims of abuse: we often only know them by their needs, but what if we got to know them by name?

In 2023, Serve The City celebrates its 10th anniversary in the Grand Duchy. Although community projects were launched in November 2022, it was not until 2023 that the association was officially registered in Luxembourg. Since then, more than 2,500 volunteers have worked alongside us on no fewer than 1,000 projects and events to make a difference. So many projects to recreate links in our cities and neighbourhoods by enabling people of goodwill to get involved in serving the community or preserving the environment.

This year’s celebrations will be all the more significant in that the charity obtained its famous “Public Interest Status” by Grand-Ducal decree over the summer, recognising the incredible work carried out since its inception by the charity, its members and the entire volunteer community serving the common good here in Luxembourg.

“We can be proud of the work accomplished in Luxembourg over the last few years. In 10 years, a whole generation has been mobilised and trained to act in the service of the most vulnerable and to protect our common home. In Luxembourg, many people want to get involved but don’t know where to start. Serve The City has been the catalyst for many of us to truly become active citizens and actors of change. We all have the power to make our cities more inclusive, resilient and sustainable!”, Nicolas Duprey, Director – Serve The City Luxembourg.

“The public interest status is a real recognition of the essential role played by our charity, both for the thousands of volunteers and for the many beneficiaries. Serve The City truly builds bridges between the different communities. Homeless, refugees, expats, etc. we are all part of the same society and it is only together that we will meet the social and environmental challenges we face. We owe it to ourselves, to our fellow human beings, but also to future generations”, Sonia Casteran, Secretary – Serve The City Luxembourg

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