Serve the City International Forum – Berlin 2013

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Serve The City Internationl Forum 2013 Berlin

Serve the City Luxembourg is part of the global Serve the City (STC) movement and every year participating STC cities meet to share ideas, hear each others’ stories and find out ways in which we can reach even more people with more volunteers. This year’s International Forum was held in Berlin from 14 – 17 November, with 15 cities from 13 countries represented, including Manu and Michael from STC Luxembourg!

Story-telling is central to the STC culture, and so we were asked to tell our story. This was really exciting because we didn’t even exist 12 months ago, and here we were telling about our amazing growth thanks to you, our fantastic volunteers and wonderful partners!

The forum covered such themes as the tensions involved in a growing volunteer movement, e.g. the commitment to our volunteers and those we serve, giving the same priority to easy-entry volunteering events as well as long-term transformation, or striking a balance between the decentralised nature of STC and the need to protect the STC brand through global branding or Corporate Social Responsibility policies.

As STC Luxembourg nears its first birthday, ask yourself how you would like to get further involved in our organisation as a volunteer, as a partner, or as part of the permanent STC Lux team. We look forward to hearing from you!

Here is the video (adapted from our front page video) to show all we’ve done in one year of existence:

*Group photo taken by Brigitte Makkinje – that’s Manu in the Luxembourg-blue t-shirt right in the middle!

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