Serve the City – Painting the way for asylum seekers in Luxembourg!

 In STC Luxembourg

THANK YOU! To all the Serve the City volunteers who gave up their weekend to help redecorate and prepare the Red Cross Foyer ‘Don Bosco’ building, so that it can be used to house refugee asylum seekers entering Luxembourg.

As you may know, having recently moved their operations from Don Bosco to a new Foyer centre in the city, the building was due to be closed down. But now thanks to your efforts, it is well on the way to becoming a new home for even more people in need, in Luxembourg.

Your support is very precious to many people that recently arrived in Luxembourg, who find themselves with not much more than hope.

With your presence, your commitment and your great work you have shown solidarity and have engaged yourself in a genuine act of kindness, generosity, and compassion. Values that we share at Serve the City and that we strive for daily.

The Red Cross were very happy with Serve the City volunteers and are grateful for the work you have done. Good job!

We are very happy with the commitment and team work you showed. You all gave a valuable and precious support, and I really hope this was an enriching and inspiring experience for you.

Please take great pride and enjoyment from looking at the photographs from the weekend which are up on our facebook page.

We will repeat this activity again next Saturday. To be able to register you need to check our Website and fill in our registration form. If you are interested and if you have time, do not hesitate to go on our Website or Facebook page and check for the event.

As you probably know, the Red Cross Luxembourg will be hosting a Social Drinks event on Wednesday, September 23rd at Oscar’s starting at 18:30, and if you are interested you are very welcome to join!

Thank you again, I hope to see you soon!



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