Serve the City Recognized at ArcelorMittal Foundation’s Annual Minigrants Ceremony

 In STC Luxembourg

Serve the City Luxembourg Asbl, was honored to be one of the six associations selected for support at the annual Minigrants ceremony organized by the ArcelorMittal Foundation on October 10th in Luxembourg.

The Minigrants initiative is an internal competition that allows ArcelorMittal Luxembourg employees to present projects they are personally involved in within the Greater Region. This year, six outstanding projects were chosen to receive financial backing from the Foundation, including Serve the City Luxembourg. Representing Serve the City at this prestigious event were two of our board members along with Prahant Dubey an employee of Arcelor Mittal and actively involved in our projects for disadvantaged people. Their presence underscored the unity and commitment that define Serve the City’s mission.

Prashant, who has been a member of Serve The City since he moved to Luxembourg, has always been very attentive to social issues and involved in various associations that help people living on the streets. So it was a natural step for him to join our Street Team project. During the ceremony he was deeply moved by the diversity and depth of NGOs in Luxembourg. “Luxembourg is home to numerous NGOs that are actively engaged in beneficial and inspiring tasks,” he observed. He also shared a personal revelation, emphasizing the profound sense of fulfillment that comes from serving others—a sentiment that resonates particularly strongly through his work with Serve the City. “Engaging in this kind of work rejuvenates me. It’s as if by serving others, I receive more than what I give.”

The six selected projects were presented in detail, giving the opportunity to showcase the impactful work of Serve the City. Sonia Casteran, Secretary of Serve the City, expressed her gratitude, saying, it was an “honor to receive this important donation from the ArcelorMittal Foundation, and to be welcomed by Mr. Michel Wurth – Chairman of ArcelorMittal Luxembourg S.A. – in person.” The event was filled with contributions from various individuals, highlighting the collective effort to create positive change in our community. As Florent Brunet, Treasurer of Serve the City, explained, sponsorships like these are essential to enable us to carry out our mission and continue to develop impactful projects towards people in need.

Serve the City also extends heartfelt congratulations to all the participants and recognized organizations at the Minigrants ceremony. This event stands as a testament to the incredible potential for positive change when individuals and corporations unite in support of meaningful causes.

Photo credits: ArcelorMittal Foundation

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