Street Team Christmas Edition

 In STC Luxembourg

Through out the year our Street Team meets 2-3 times per month on a Saturday morning in Luxembourg city. We prepare sandwiches and coffee to take to the homeless and then we hit the streets to hand them out, and more importantly, to spend time with the people we meet to learn a little bit more about them.

When December rolls around we like to do something a little more special by running the Street Team Christmas Edition. This year, Dominique, one of our street team coordinator’s managed the 3rd Christmas edition where she prepared festive bags for the homeless people with her students from Millermoaler Schull in Echternach.

“Even at a young age, children are able to deal with the theme of homelessness and they were very interested in helping out. After having introduced the theme, we decorated the Christmas bags and baked cookies once a week. We received support from 5 other classes and together we made the project even more fun.

We even had a class of refugee students from Weilerbach participating in the project. Together we filled the bags with cookies, chocolates, sweets, small gifts and pictures, so that the homeless people could also receive a small gift during this time of the year.  The children were very concerned about the homeless people and were willing to share with them.

My goal with this initiative was to teach my students that homeless people are just like you and me, and that small acts of kindness can really brighten up someones day.” 

– Dominique

We are always looking for fresh faces to join our regular Street Team project. If you are interested in joining please contact to find out more.


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