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Alexandra Oxacelay, Director of Luxembourg charity Stemm vun der Stroos, kindly presented at our recent volunteer social drinks – and as a result Serve the City discovered a variety of appealing projects to get involved with.

Stemm vun der Strooss is an organisation that helps with social and professional re-integration of people into Luxembourg society. These can be homeless people, those who are sick, those who have lost their jobs, young people out of education – basically anyone in need. They have two sites, one in Hollerich and one in Esch sur Alzette. The charity employs 30 staff, and is part funded by the Government, but has a constant need for fundraising as the potential for providing help is never ending. Various projects and initiatives are organised to allow the people they help to get back into some paid work and have some meaning in their life, such as; cleaning projects, clothes sorting, washing sports club kits, and producing their own magazine. This is the equivalent of the ‘big issue’ but is only sold by subscription, at a cost of 15 euros per year. If you are interested to receive this please click here. They also manage 25 flats in the city for people who need accommodation, often having to use precious funds to secure peoples rent each year, as many are in debt. In addition the charity provides a doctor service once a week, and a therapy centre where those who are recovering from drugs or alcohol abuse can stay to rehabilitate.

The main activity Stemm carries out is the provision of food and drink to 240 people each day, at restaurants in both sites. Volunteers working with the charity normally start in the restaurant, serving food, talking to strangers and most importantly listening to them. Once they have done this for a month, and are happy to commit to long term work, a contract is signed and then those volunteers are offered other opportunities to support individuals in other aspects of their life such as visits to the hospital, or spending time with people in prison. Both restaurants are open from 9-5pm to the public each day, you are welcome to go and take a look at the set-up and meet people, you can also eat alongside others for 50 cents charge as Alexandra is adamant the restaurants should be open to all and free of any class structure.

Alexandra needs regular volunteers for the restaurants, to serve food and just ‘be there’ for those who come along, regardless of language ability. 2-3 volunteers are required every other weekend in both sites, so if you are interested, please come forward.

Other projects Stemm are recruiting for are listed below: – if you are interested in any of these please email in the first instance julia@servethecity.lu

– Alexandra is seeking an assistant, to work voluntarily but as a long term commitment, to allow her to achieve so much more and help share the load.

– Registered doctors are invited to volunteer on Wednesday afternoons, to help offer free consultations to approx 15 people.

– Translators are always required to help translation of documents

– There is an opportunity for someone with web skills to become the web administration manager, uploading regular content to their website

– Beauty professionals are required, particularly anyone with manicure skills, to provide a weekly service for the women.

– Applications are welcomed from volunteers who would be willing to help organise sports activities or excursions which the charity funds on occasions, such as football tournaments or day trips to Paris!

 – Clothes collections are always welcomed, as this activity gives people the opportunity to work and clothes are donated free to the homeless.

Photo Credit: Stemm vun der Strooss

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