Want to be a Partner Relationship Coordinator?

 In STC Luxembourg

Serve the City Luxembourg is on a mission to encourage volunteering and grow the culture of serving in the Grand Duchy. We believe that many people doing small thing makes a big difference!

It is an ambitious challenge but we are off to a great start. Since we were founded in Dec 2012 we have experienced significant success and growth and have had many opportunities to support the great work already happening in NGOs in Luxembourg as well as running independent projects.

The success has in fact been overwhelming and we now need to focus all the more on developing enough projects to satisfy the demand from our fantastic community of volunteers!

Serve the City is looking for Partner Relationship Coordinators to help us strengthen and expand our network of NGOs and Partners in Luxembourg and the Grand Region.

The role will be at the very heart of Serve the City’s strategy of developing sustainable opportunities for serving. We aim to build long-term partnership with NGOs and work with them to identify needs and possibilities for our volunteers to help out through projects. The projects may be one-off or regular, be of practical or social nature and may benefit different groups of people or needs.

The role will be the point person who keeps on top of an existing partnership, working with them to identify new project opportunities, debriefing current projects and generally managing the relationship to get to know them better and to communicate their stories back to our volunteers.

We expect that you can allocate time during evenings and occasionally during business hours. The actual weekly time commitment may vary from just a few hours per week, or more than that, depending of which partners you will look after and your availability.

Be part of a great team and help Serve the City Luxembourg to reach and impact more people. We need you.

All the details about the role and the necessary skills can be found here: Partner Relationship Coordinator

Please note that all roles in Serve the City Luxembourg are volunteer positions and without financial compensation.

You can apply by email explaining your motivation, your experience and why you think this will be a good fit for you and for Serve the City. All applications will be carefully reviewed and responded to.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and we’re very excited about the possibilities to serve we can build together!

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