2nd Beauty Event for Women at Foyer Sud

 In STC Luxembourg
On Saturday October 10th, Serve the City coordinated its 2nd Beauty Event for the women living in Foyer Sud in Esch. The event was a huge success, we had a couple of volunteers and a photographer present in order to  help create a pleasant and relaxing environment for the women living at the shelter.
The women could choose from two services, makeup or manicures or both! At the beginning everyone was a bit shy and not very talkative, but as the day progressed the women were opening up and  chatting about their daily lives. Relaxing music was played in the background with cake and refreshments provided to ensure a good time.
The day was filled with lots of laughter and beautiful women and the volunteers were happy to offer these women such a special moment where they could relax and feel pampered at the same time.
If you are interested in being a part of our next Beauty Event please contact, Nissrine@servethecity.lu.
To see pictures of our events please visit our Facebook page!
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