A Night of New Experiences at Foyer Sud…

 In STC Luxembourg


Serve the City volunteers went to Foyer Sud women’s refuge on 7th October to help some of the mums go for a well earned night out.

The manager accompanied a small group of women out to the local cinema for ‘Ladies Night’, where they enjoyed a glass of cremant and settled down to a good old fashioned romcom!

Being able to leave the kids behind and go out socially together is an absolute rarity for the women based at the centre. We were told that for one lady in particular this was an entirely new experience, as she had not been out for an evening since her child was born 10 years ago. She needed real encouragement to leave her behind and spend some time out with friends enjoying herself. It was a new experience for her daughter too, who had never seen her mother go anywhere in the evenings, and who was not certain it was such a good idea!

This really made us realise how valuable our volunteering is to the mothers at Foyer, be it on evenings or weekends.

We played table football with the older kids and did puzzles until bedtime, when they all said ‘adi’ and dutifully went upstairs to their rooms. Then the volunteers enjoyed some quiet time with a little baby boy who kept us giggling for the rest of the evening. It was a real pleasure to sit down together as volunteers and have the excuse to get to know one another and discuss our experiences of Luxembourg.  A very big thank you to the volunteers who came along for the evening, especially battling with the weather and the traffic!

So it was a night of new experiences for everyone, and one that the women at Foyer will not forget for a while….

Foyer Sud would like to repeat this activity on a monthly basis, so if you are interested to come and help the children enjoy an evening of activities before bedtime, and free the mums up to go out in November, please email Ciara@servethecity.lu and we will keep you posted.

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