Serve the City came together at the end of 2012 with a shared vision for encouraging more volunteering in Luxembourg. We come from different countries, at different stages in life and work, but we all want to make a difference to those in need. Have a look below at some of the wonderful people who are part of our team and work behind the scene to make Luxembourg a better place.

Nicolas Duprey – President

Nicolas originally comes from the nearby Lorraine and has now become a Luxembourgish citizen. Based on his personal experience he knows what it means for expats to get involved in the community outside of their daily routine. After 15 years working in the financial industry he has now decided to fully dedicate himself to the common good. He is convinced that together we have the power to make our cities more sustainable and is calling for a real „Serving Revolution“. When he is not busy working towards common good he enjoys the multicultural setting and spending time with friends running in the surrounding nature.

Sonia Casteran – Secretary

Sonia is French, she studied and lived in France and Germany before she found her “heart country” in Luxembourg back in 2010. She works in a marketing and sales division of the construction sector. She loves travelling, cooking and now running too. She started volunteering for STC Luxembourg to be part of the change in supporting communication on social medias and has been helping projects linked to environmental topics.

Florent Brunet – Treasurer

Florent comes from France and is now in Luxembourg since 2015. He likes travelling, discovering new places and people. He also likes reading, going to the cinema and out with his friends. Being involved with Serve the City allows him to take part to Luxembourg life in a different way and see people from a different perspective. His motto : with a bit of money and good will we can change the face of our cities!

Nicolina Bordian – Project Leader

Nicolina is originally from Moldova and has been residing in Luxembourg since 2009. A litigation lawyer by profession, she is proud to be able to contribute to Serve the City’s projects and is particularly fond of the Street Team, for which she quickly decided to volunteer as Team Leader. Outside of volunteering with Serve the City and pleading in Luxembourgish courts, Nicolina enjoys learning new languages, practicing yoga and teaching maths.

Paulo Oliveira – Project Leader

Paulo is originally from Portugal and moved to Luxembourg in the summer of 2015. Having done volunteer work in his home country he naturally decided to continue in Luxembourg. He enjoys being a part of Serve the City because it allows him to leave a positive impact on society, and he believes these small acts of kindness can help change people’s lives. When he’s not busy with Serve the City, Paulo works with one of our partners, Médecins du Monde.

Mélanie Branchesi – Project Leader

Mélanie is French, with Italian roots. She works for a Japanese bank in Luxembourg. She heard about Serve the City from a colleague in 2014 since then she enjoys supporting people in need and is excited to be part of the leadership team of STC! During her free time, she likes running outside to relax and enjoy the beauty nature has to offer.

Laura Branchesi – Project Leader

Laura is a French graduate who’s been working in Luxembourg’s financial sector since 2014. She enjoys dancing, swimming and spending time with her friends! In her free time, she likes to help people in need or bring a little cheer into their daily lives.  She is happy her sister Melanie introduced her to Serve the City where she can work on projects she believes in.

Mariana Curnic – Project Leader

Mariana is one of the team leaders for our Street Team and environmental projects. Born and raised in Moldova, she is now settled in Luxembourg since January 2018. Empathy, passion and positivity are always present in her day-to-day work, volunteer activities and personal life. In her free time, Mariana enjoys hiking, podcasts listening and of course, supporting people in need.

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Dominique Lorentz – Project Leader

When she is not traveling the world seeking for new adventures, riding her MTB or eating ice-cream, Dominique a native Luxembourger, is a busy primary school teacher. She learned about Serve the City by volunteering for the Street Team, which quickly became one of her favorite projects. She enjoys being a part of the Serve the City because it has given her the opportunity to make a small difference by helping those in need.

Almyra Knevel Persson – Photographer

Almyra has been in Luxembourg since 2000. Originally from Canada, she lived in Sweden and Belgium before settling in Luxembourg. When she’s not testing out new camera techniques, she’s teaching English to French children and running a household with three children. Her heart is strong for volunteering and she’s excited to be part of the Serve the City leadership team.

Photo credits: Almyra Knevel Persson/Pascal Hilpert

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