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” A thing of beauty is a joy forever…”  John Keats.

Serve the City are hosting a ‘Beauty Event’ at Foyer Paula Bové women’s refuge, on 25th October 12.15pm-16.30pm

We need female volunteers to come along and help add a bit of sparkle to the day!

Do you have experience in beauty; make up, manicures, massage…?

If you can offer a few hours of your time and skills on a Saturday, it will really make a difference to the ladies at the Foyer.

The foyer children must not be forgotten, and we need a few volunteers to keep them entertained for the morning so the mums can truly relax.

If you have experience of looking after children and would like to help provide some fun activities, please get in touch. If you would like to help but need to look after your own young children, why not bring them along?


If you have any questions please email our Project Leader Amy Lloyd:

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