Clothes Sorting for Red Cross DropIn Centre…

 In STC Luxembourg



On a dark and cold Saturday night, three volunteers gathered in front of the somewhat hidden ‘DropIn’ centre in Luxembourg.

This centre, managed by the Luxembourg Red Cross, with public subsidies, supports female sexworkers in the city by giving them a place to have a shower, wash their clothes, and have a warm drink among other services.

It is first and foremost a place to find a friendly ear. Every week, each woman is entitled to choose four pieces of clothing donated from other centres and the public. Since the centre can receive several boxes of donated clothes every week and has only three staff to provide for all services, they needed extra help.

This is where Serve The City came in. Our three volunteers spent a couple hours sorting out clothes. “Is this too old? Too summery? Too ugly?” were the questions which DropIn staff replied to patiently. At the end of the session, the area looked nice and orderly, stocked with warm and pretty clothes for the ladies to chose from the following week. The volunteers were happy to feel they were helping and the staff were happy to see the boxes of clothes disappear! It was a good volunteer project that should be repeated again in the future!

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