Cooking Class at Foyer Paula Bove – Sharing The Taste of Fun!

 In STC Luxembourg

On March 31st, a small group of women at the Paula Bové women’s shelter, decided to embark with us in a little adventure through taste, cooking and fun !

Together with Alix (one of the Serve the city volunteers) and thanks to her support, I gave my very first cooking class, on one of the most common Italian dishes: la lasagna (based on my mum’s recipe….as simple as it sounds!).

It was enough to give the girls a few explanations about how to proceed and soon a nice “cooking team” was at work in a cozy and well equipped kitchen: we prepared the sauce and shared little tasks. Some helped cutting the mozzarella and some others prepared the baking trays to “compose” our little works of art.

Coming from different countries, we all shared comments on cooking traditions: a complete new world of spices, perfumes and appetizing recipes!

It was nice to see how, from the initial hesitation, the girls became more and more confident and created their own lasagna, that we then put in the oven and let cook for 45 minutes. While waiting, we had chance to talk and know each other a bit more, share comments and impressions, but the best moment was when, looking into the oven to check if the lasagnas were ready, one of the girls said « my lasagna looks very nice ! »

Maria Elena – Volunteer


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