Serve the City is encouraged by the trend in corporations to put more time and effort into Corporate Social Responsibility, particularly when that includes volunteering. Our time is one of the most precious resources we have, and so to give that time to help others is a powerful statement of where our values lie.

We encourage you to inform your employees about the volunteer events we run, advertise them in your internal mailings or notice boards, and come yourself as the managers and directors, to set the example of volunteering.

We’d also be happy to send along a STC representative to your company to present our work and aims to your employees.

Corporate Sponsorship

Financial contributions are possible in varied ways. As a corporate partner, your company has the opportunity to sponsor specific events or items or contribute to our on-going running costs. In-kind donations are also sometimes possible, and if you have something in mind, do get in touch and we can discuss ideas.


Photo credit: Almyra Knevel Persson