Flood: a real wave of solidarity in Luxembourg!

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Some of our volunteers helped out in Lux city in their neighbourhoods over the past few days but a little squad also went out this Sunday to help the victims of the flood in Echternach, one of the most impacted places in Luxembourg. They first went to help a Luxembourgish family to clean their house and get rid of all the mud. Despite having an elevated ground floor and sand bags protection at the front, water came through and the 1 meter high wave ruined all the furnitures and electronic equipments. They had a lot of volunteers the day before and this is with a broken heart that they even had to dump among other things an old piano. Hopefully the family was truly united in these difficult times and they were really moved by the wave of solidarity.

Later that day our volunteers proposed their help in the street located just behind the abbey where you could still see the water level on the porch and external wall (almost 1.8m high!). They also incidentally met the ministry of environment getting her hands dirty and working in a next-by basement. Not sure you could see this in any other country! And they finally ended up giving a hand in a small family-run restaurant. The volunteers assisted them in saving their remaining stock of beverages in a flooded cellar as well as getting rid of the upholstered chairs ruined by flooding. They were absolutely delighted to get some help as they worked tirelessly since 2 days after the shock of the evacuation by the fire-fighters boat. They even wanted to offer a bottle of wine to thank for all the efforts! 

Impressed by all these volunteers, locals or foreigners, who from all part of Luxembourg came to bring support to those who lost everything during this disaster. More than ever convinced that Compassion is at the very heart of human nature!

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