Fondation Autisme Need Your Help!

 In STC Luxembourg

It is hard to believe that it’s almost one year since we hosted our information evening (plus drinks of course!) in the city with Fondation Autisme and learned all about the great work they do to defend the quality of life for young people living with the condition.

For any of you who are new to Serve the City, and who might not know much about Fondation Autisme, please have a read through our blog from last year to find out more about this fantastic charity.

This Autumn FAL have lots of opportunities to volunteer. They need people to help support youngsters on much needed days out in the region. We would encourage any of you to stop for a moment and consider whether, with the correct training (which is now being provided -dates are listed on their website) – you might have the energy and enthusiasm  to offer physical support and companionship to young people on fun filled day trips and local outings. It makes such a huge difference and it also brings respite for their parents and carers.

FAL also need keen fundraisers to sell homemade items at various Christmas markets.The markets are a great way of helping the charity, meeting new people and finding out more about their work without making too big a commitment.



Sunday September 20th – 1 volunteer for Restaurant Cornelyshaff visit (11h00-17h00)

Sunday September 20th – 1 volunteer for Restuarant Pizzeria Venezia visit (11h00-17h00)


Monday October 5th –  4 volunteers for several day trips from Centre de Jour (9h00-17h00)

Sunday October 18th – 3 volunteers to go to the Cinema in Wiltz (11h00-17h00)

Sunday October 25th – 1 volunteer for Restuarant Zum Buchenberg visit (11h00-17h00)

Sunday October 25th – 1 volunteer for Restuarant Pizzeria Venezia visit (11h00-17h00)


Volunteers needed to work on market stalls – sell homemade products, gadgets and DIY objects, cake sale, biscuits, tea and coffee, soup and Glühwein for children. Requirements: + 16 years old, need to understand a minimum of French or German

Saturday November 7th in Berdorf at the Haupeschfest:

11h00-14h00: 1-2 people needed

14h00-16h30: 1 person needed

16h30-19h00: 1-2 people needed

Sunday November 8th in Berdof at the Haupeschfest:

16h30-19h00: 1 person needed


Sunday December 13th in Mamer at the Christmas Market

11h00-13h00: 1 person needed

13h00-15h00: 1 person needed

15h00-17h00: 1 person needed

17h00-19h00: 2 people needed

For more info and to sign up, please email


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