Football Fun Under the Sun

 In STC Luxembourg

Serve The City volunteers teamed up with 4 residents of Foyer Saint Antoine on Sunday June 28th for a football tournament. The team played six games under the sun in a nice and cheerful atmosphere.

The Rencontres sans Frontières tournament was organized by the Ville de Luxembourg and it gathered 42 teams with members from at least two nationalities. Our team beat all counts with people from Cameroon, Luxembourg, Italy, Kosovo and Côte d’Ivoire! The sidelines were filled with tents providing food from all over the world: Brazil, Montenegro, Thailand, Portugal, Italy, etc., to make sure players and spectators had enough energy.
Our team did not qualify despite its one victory, due to a forfeit, but is that little fact really that important? What matters the most is that we all had a great time, enjoyed the sun and the residents were happy to have something different to do on the weekend.

The tournament is organized every year at the end of June, so make sure you’re around for the 2016 edition as we will be registering more than one team!

To see more pictures from this event visit our facebook page!

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