Grouss Botz 2014

 In Grouss Botz, STC Luxembourg

Update March 2015:

Serve the City are proud to be supporting the Grouss Botz again, this yeas by connecting people with projects in their area via our new multi-lingual website dedicated to Grouss Botz! See more at: The Grouss Botz website or the 2015 article about Grouss Botz on Serve the City’s website


[youtube=] Serve the City is excited to be getting involved in Grouss Botz again this year!

Grouss Botz means ‘Big Clean-up’ and is once again happening across Luxembourg, organised by communes, organisations and individuals. It is a proud tradition that benefits local communities by cleaning up common areas as well as creating connections between individuals.

Want to get involved? Watch our new promotion video and share it with friends and families, and then visit the Grouss Botz website and find out whether your local Commune is already organising a Grouss Botz event this Spring.

Serve the City is supporting Grouss Botz 2014 by listing, connecting and promoting projects on this site, in the hope that even more people will get involved in this great Luxembourgish initiative. Many people doing something small together (picking up the litter!) can make a big difference…

Visit the Grouss Botz website, powered by Serve the City!

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