Help Sort Clothes for Red Cross DropIn Centre!

 In STC Luxembourg

You may have passed the DropIn several times without noticing it in Bonnevoie. It is a Red Cross-sponsored support center for sexworkers in Luxembourg. Women can go there to have a shower, spend some time in a warm place, get food and free clothes and above all, talk to friendly non-judging social workers there.

Serve The City realised that with only 3 staff, DropIn cannot find time to sort the donated clothes they receive every week from which women can choose on a weekly basis. This is how we ended up helping them every month or so since November. Again in January, three volunteers gathered on a Saturday night (the center only opens at night) to classify clothes and rearrange the cloakroom.

“It’s tiring and relaxing at the same time”, one volunteer says, yawning and stretching her back at the end of the session. “But we can see that we help on a very practical activity that benefits all the women that come to the centre”, she adds, happy to have served.

We are setting up a list of volunteers for this recurring event so that we do not need to advertise every time on our blog, so sign up for this event and you will be contacted before each session.  Please email

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