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Really proud of our newly elected Secretary & Communication Manager, who recently gave a short interview in the September Edition of Lux City mag. One of many STC volunteers acting behind the scene to make our cities more inclusive, resilient and sustainable!
Quel est le but de Serve the City ? What is Serve the City about?
Notre association fait partie d’un mouvement mondial dont le leitmotiv est : « Many people doing small things together makes a big difference. » Nos bénéficiaires sont des personnes en situation de précarité. Nous agissons à travers différents projets. / With a range of projects, we work to help individuals in challenging situations. Our association is part of a worldwide movement whose motto is: “Many people doing small things together makes a big difference.”
Quels sont ces projets ? What are these projects?
La Street Team s’occupe de la distribution de sandwiches aux sans-abri et échange avec eux. Nous avons également des projets envers les demandeurs d’asile (Sproochtandem, Movie Nights), les enfants (sport, art) ou en faveur de l’environnement (Grouss Botz). / Among our various projects, the Street Team distributes sandwiches to the homeless while Sproochtandem and Movie Nights are initiatives aimed at supporting asylum seekers. We also run sporting activities and art classes for children as well as the Grouss Botz environmental protection project.
Êtes-vous toujours à la recherche de volontaires ? / Are you still looking for volunteers?
Nous sommes toujours à la recherche de personnes motivées, notre association fonctionnant en effet à 100 % sur du volontariat. / Fully volunteer-based, we are always on the lookout for civicminded individuals. – September 2021
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