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Serve the City Grouss Botz 2013

Last Saturday, fifteen Serve the City volunteers joined local residents in the Commune of Weiler-la-Tour, picking up litter and cleaning the village paths. We were joining with residents across the whole country who picked up bin bags and gloves and worked together to make the communities we live in safer and more attractive places to be.

And we had fun! The sun was shining, the locals were friendly and welcoming – and the organic meal at the end of the day was delicious! (Only one volunteer’s car got stuck in the mud in a country field, and with the help of a friendly local he got free in no time!)

Serve the City Grouss Botz 2013

Picking up some litter in a village may not seem like much, but at Serve the City we believe that even small acts of goodness and kindness can cause a ripple effect in a community.

So Thank You to those of your who came out with us, and to you too if you volunteered in your local commune. You are making a difference!

Thank you too to the Commune of Weiler-la-Tour for inviting Serve the City to join them, particularly Weiler’s mayor, Cécile Hemmen and organiser Fernand Schroeder!

Photos from the day are posted on the Serve the City Facebook page, so click over there to see a glimpse of what we got up to, and remember to “like” us while you’re there!

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