Mini-Miez Partners with Serve the City

 In STC Luxembourg

Mini-Miez is a non-profit organization in Luxembourg that rescues abandoned and sick kittens found by people in the street.

The Mini-Miez house was redesigned to give kittens a comfortable home during their stay.  The kittens are raised until they gain a certain weight and Mini-Miez tries its best to find loving families who can adopt them. Currently, there are 10-15 cats ranging from a few days to a few weeks old. Some of the kittens suffer  disabilities and Mini Miez raises money to help pay for food, toys, vaccines, etc., which totals to +/- 25,000 euros a year.

The non-profit sells knitted items, home made marmalade, and limoncello at various markets in order to cover for the kittens expenses. Thanks to Mini-Miez the kittens are living in a kitten paradise!

If you are interested in volunteering with Mini-Miez please contact:


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