My First Beauty Event Experience

 In STC Luxembourg

Catalina Geib recently joined the Serve the City Leadership Team as a Partnership Coordinator. She helped run our first Beauty Event of the year last month and shares with us the moments she experienced with the women at the foyer.

“The beauty event was a huge success and required a lot of support from volunteers with different skill sets. There were two groups of volunteers, and we were lucky to find volunteers who knew how (and loved) to do professional make up and nails, while the other group of volunteers had to ensure that all the toddlers and young children were looked after. Although there were only 8 children, the 4 volunteers really had their work cut out for them!

When the first group of ladies came in, I wasn’t sure whether they would enjoy themselves or interact with us – they were shy at first and kept among themselves as they all knew each other. We started out with the manicures. One of our volunteers even had professional experience working at a salon! We only had 3 volunteers doing make up and nails, and as more women were coming in, I quickly started to serve them beverages and food, and started to have casual conversations with them. The women slowly started to open up and soon the room was filled with chatter and laughter as they relaxed and enjoyed the comforting atmosphere.

It was heart warming to see the women with big smiles on their faces when they looked at themselves in the mirror – you could truly sense their joy being pampered. With a total of 7 volunteers and 12 women, the afternoon was topped off with flowers for the volunteers, hugs and photographs and running children! I can’t imagine a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon.”


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