#NopeschFest: All neighbours!

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?? “?? ?????. ?????? ?????????.” This weekend, our teams celebrated #NeighboursDay in their own way. Indeed ‘Good life together’ all starts with good neighbourly relations through simple and easy gestures of the daily life bringing more solidarity between neighbours. But let’s not forget that we have also less fortunate neighbours who sometimes can’t afoard having a place to call ’home’. ?‍?‍?⛺

A big #ThankYou to our volunteers who took action this weekend in Bonnevoie, Gare and Centre-ville to help our friends living on the streets by distributing food and taking care of their neighbourhoods. ??♻ #StreetTeam

ℹ Since its launch in Paris in 1999, Neighbour’s day has continued to rise and is now celebrated around the world by millions of people in over 50 countries worldwide. This year the motto was “Be close. Become neighbour.”
#NopeschFest #FeteDesVoisins #Luxembourg

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