Serving at the Service Senior Christmas Lunch

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Service Senior Christmas Lunch

This week, we were happy to partner again with Ville de Luxembourg’s Service Senior department, to support their annual Christmas lunch for active elderly in Luxembourg. Read what Hubert, one of the STC volunteers, had to say:

“On the 17th of December 2013 three members of Serve the City had a great day with the “Service Senior” of the city of Luxembourg. We arrived at 11:00 and were right away put to work with other volunteers to welcome the 120 guests of the Christmas Dinner at the Restaurant Centre Culturel “Schéiss” in Val St. Croix.

Service Senior Christmas Lunch

“We took the coats and directed the guests to the tables. We also took the small presents everybody had brought and gave them a number for the distribution after lunch. Later, the new Mayor, Mrs Lydie Polfer, arrived while music was playing and a few couples had started to dance. So she just had a dance too before she gave her speech. She thanked the volunteers and Serve-the-City for their help during this event.

“The buffet was opened and we assisted the guests with their trays as required. When all guests were served we were also invited for the buffet and for the drinks. We sat with the guests and spent time talking with them. After the dessert and coffee the presents were distributed. It was a very pleasant event where we were able to serve the City of Luxembourg and at the same time could enjoy a very nice Christmas lunch!”


Photo credit: Rasmus Koefoed-Jespersen.

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