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The 2015 Serve the City volunteer feedback survey is now closed, and we’ve gathered a wealth of information, suggestions and statistics from you, which will be invaluable in shaping how we approach future projects.

Thanks for taking part. It doesn’t take long to complete an online questionnaire but it’s still personal time out of your day, which we know is often precious.

As you will know if you have volunteered with us for a while, Serve the City is a network of people coming together in a ‘virtual’ way, communicating online and participating face to face in projects that make a difference to those in need across the country.

The fact that we are all volunteers, (even the leadership team!), donating our spare time to manage, support, grow and enjoy serving in Luxembourg – should not be forgotten.

Serve the City fully appreciates that volunteering for us and with us is a choice, and one that we hope you will continue to make in the months and years to come.

For this reason, your feedback is fundamental in helping us continually improve our service, and we’d like to share the results with you so you know how we’re doing!

  • 65% of you have volunteered in Luxembourg in the last year and 15% of you have done so with other organisations as a result of engaging with Serve the City. That’s fantastic news! It means we’re fulfilling our goal of encouraging people to reach out and help others and hopefully changing the culture in Luxembourg to that of one that embraces volunteering.
  • We now have the same amount of Luxembourgish people volunteering as we do British, so we have achieved our mission to engage more local people in our work. In addition to this we’re attracting volunteers from a further 16 nationalities! Surely this shows just how multicultural this fabulous country is.
  • You think we’re doing a good job of connecting volunteers with opportunities – but you’ve also asked us to prioritise opportunities according to needs (e.g. currently you want to focus on the refugee crisis), maintain a better events calendar and work towards becoming a ‘one stop shop’ for volunteering in Luxembourg. All of these are possible, given time and we’ll work towards making them happen as soon as. We think you’ll agree that Serve the City is changing, growing, improving all the time. Our online following is growing super fast, and naturally it will take a little time for our organisational and communication process to adapt to accommodate this.
  • 67% of you say there are enough opportunities to volunteer with your family, but some of you would prefer there to be more, so we’ll continue to work on that and we’ll make sure that any family focused projects are communicated to you more effectively. Many of you would like to see more family friendly projects on weekends, and also weekday projects whilst your kids are in school, so we’ll use this in our future planning. 81% of you think there are enough regular volunteering opportunities – which is great!
  • We now have a better idea of the languages you speak and it seems 100% of you speak English as well as at least one other language. We’ll be sure to use this data when seeking new volunteering projects, and we’ll keep the information safe so that we know which languages we can put a call out for when the need arises.
  • 89% of you think our current communications online and offline are effective – however, you’ve suggested we should do some poster advertising around the city and link up with some of the large corporate organisations. Outdoor advertising we will certainly look into, because if you feel that’s a good way of raising awareness of Serve the City, at least we know it will be money well spent. In terms of linking up with large organisations – we have considered this in the past and we are often approached by companies who have large teams of people needing to volunteer in some capacity for their workplace. Whilst we try to point them in the direction of opportunities, the groups are often too large for us to employ on a lot of our projects which only demand a few volunteers at a time. That said, if you know of organisations who would like to plan specific projects with us, please come forward and let us know so we can revisit our approach to this complicated but positive dilemma!
  • You have told us that we’re consulting well with volunteers on current and future projects – which means hopefully our digital communications with you are working, and you feel that you have the ability to approach us. We like to think the relationship between Serve the City’s leadership team and YOU is a two way thing!  You have also suggested we highlight the types of volunteering that can be done in Luxembourg a little more effectively – and we’ll certainly make this a priority in our communications going forwards. We’re actually about to start working on a marketing campaign with our partner organisations, to highlight the work they do, and why they do it – so that should be a good start.
  • 96% of volunteers say we have the balance right between numbers of people on a project and the level of work to be done. This is a relief because, we know there have been a few projects in the past where we’ve booked too many volunteers and left several people disappointed with the lack of actual ‘serving’ to do! From your feedback, it looks as though we’re doing great now, and you’re happy – which we love!


Thanks again for your feedback and please remember our channels of communication are always open. Feel free to email ideas, suggestions or comments anytime – to or send us messages on facebook – we’ll always respond to you as quickly as we can.


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