Clothes Sorting for Red Cross Drop-in Centre

 In STC Luxembourg


Serve the City are proud to be starting a new partnership with Luxembourg’s Red Cross Drop-In Centre.

The Drop-in is a free service for sex workers, which offers medical care and social, psychological, and material support.

Prostitution in Luxembourg is closely monitored by the police, and is restricted to two streets in the city, between the hours of 20:00 and 03:00am. Anyone caught violating these rules can be fined up to 2500 euros, which often sends women of multiple nationalities into a spiral of debt and forces them into breaking the law over and over in order to pay off those debts.

The Red Cross Drop-In service  fights against social exclusion of sex workers and organises health campaigns and support for those working in the industry. Most importantly, listening to the visitors, as well as taking care of them, is at the centre of the team’s work.

One of the many benefits offered to those who visit the Drop-in centre, is the ability to acquire new clothes from a series of donations. These donations mount up, and every now and then, the organisers need to set aside a day for sorting the clothes into styles, sizes, etc.

Serve the City are pleased to be working at the centre on Saturday 8th November, 6pm onwards to do some clothes sorting.

Volunteer places for this project are now full – thanks to those who have signed up. Please keep an eye on our newsletters and blog posts for future opportunities with this partner organisation.

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