Volunteer’s experience of basketball with ZAK!…

 In STC Luxembourg

We’re really enjoying helping our new partners ZAK with basketball practice for young people with disabilities!

Regular volunteer, Kim Waldbillig, describes her experience so far with ZAK…

I haven’t touched a ball since five years. But today I played basketball. And I played with young people suffering from light mental disabilities. In fact, I knew this before I came. But whilst playing and training with them and the dynamic coaches, I never thought I was different from them. In fact, they explained the rules to me, they motivated me to run further, they translated some Luxembourgish to English for me. They welcomed me so warmly and naturally, that I realised that I didn’t touch a ball for five years because I’ve experienced competitive sports at school and I disliked it. In this case though, we shared so much more than just a training or a game! Although intense, the sport became enjoyable and fun, which it should always be, no matter whom you play with. Will you be on our team next time to meet with the ZAK volunteers and with great youngsters ready to play ?

Kim Waldbillig

Won’t you join our team so that we can try and do this more regularly? email nissrine@servethecity.lu or manuel@servethecity.lu

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