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This year it’s been more difficult to bear the scorching heat due to the rise in temperature, and for someone living on the streets in the summer heat, exhaustion, dehydration, and serious illness are just some of the threats they face. It isn’t easy.

Last Wednesday afternoon, few volunteers from Serve the City Luxembourg, decided to ditch the comfort of being at their home under the cooling roof and went on the streets of the city to distribute water and some food to the needful people. It was also good to converse with those people and listen to them because sometimes people just want to be heard, someone who could talk to them and make them feel like they belong.

Well, this is just a start of one of our many projects/initiatives to help our friends on the streets but there are many ways you can help those experiencing homelessness in the summer by keeping extra water, some go to snacks or food in your car and when you see someone on the streets, just hand them the water or food.

Sonal S.

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