World Cleanup Week: a week to Serve The City and the Planet!

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Because the Earth deserves to be taken care of for more than just one day a year…

Serve The City Luxembourg and its partners in the #LetzClean initiative are organizing a full week of action dedicated to the environmental cause this year. “This year, we wanted a renewed concept that combines social and environmental issues and that is also an opportunity to reach out to people who are not yet convinced of the urgency to act every day! This is how we came up with the idea of this World Cleanup Week”, says Nicolas Duprey, Director of the citizen association. Indeed, in mid-September, the World Cleanup Day usually takes place, bringing together millions of people around the world for a big waste collection action. Here it will be an action from September 10 to 17 with a big clean-up as a closing event bringing together the community of volunteers Serve The City of course but also all people of goodwill with the protection of the environment at heart.

“Our volunteers have been mobilized throughout the year in our Minibotz, these local cleaning actions, in the different districts of Luxembourg and the World Cleanup Day is with the Grouss Botz one of the strong points of this year” assures César Gonzalez one of the people in charge of the organization in environmental matters. Indeed, there are almost 20 clean-ups that have been carried out since the beginning of the year and many others are already planned in the coming weeks and months. “The aim here is not only to collect waste but to make people aware that the protection of the environment is everybody’s business and starts with small daily acts”.

Global mobilization and awareness campaign in the media and in the field

As Nicolas Duprey underlines, this World Cleanup Week is also an opportunity for Serve The City to “federate different actors”, be it associations or companies. Thus, some clean-ups are also planned with the applicants for international protection. “Whether asylum seekers or employees, we all share the same planet and we saw again this summer how urgent it is to act each at our level. The environment and social issues are, in our opinion, inseparable. The association is committed to recreating links between communities and with nature, our “common home”, in its various projects.

This week of concrete action will also be coupled with an awareness campaign both in the media and in the field. A particular focus this year is on cigarette butts which are regularly carelessly discarded on the public highway. Not to mention the cost to the community of this incivility, it is also a tragedy for the environment. Thanks to its partner Orange Luxembourg, the Serve The City teams will distribute pocket ashtrays to address the problem at the source. “It only takes one cigarette butt to contaminate up to 1,000 liters of water, and the 75% that ends up in nature has irreparable impacts on many marine and terrestrial species.” Sonia Casteran, communications manager adds “If we do nothing, there will be more butts in the ocean than fish by 2030!”

In short, it’s time for action and see you all on September 17 for the famous World Cleanup Day!

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World Cleanup Week : une semaine au service de la cité et de la planète ! – Infogreen

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