To serve the city, we need your help.

Serve the City Luxembourg depends on the tireless dedication of hundreds of volunteers who invest their time in caring for people in need.
We also depend on the voluntary financial donations of people like you.

5€ for a meal to share with a neighbour living on the street

10€ to buy a STC t-shirt at one of our projects

20€ to support one of our kids activities in a shelter

50€ for beauty kits to help us show love to abused women living in a shelter

Thank you so much for your support !

Why support us?

Serve the City is an association sans but lucratif in Luxembourg. We do not receive state support and rely on the generosity of individuals and corporate and social partners to fund our work. Your contributions empower our hundreds of volunteers to act.

Your donation will make it possible for us to organise activities and equip volunteers to serve people in need. If you have seen the positive impact of volunteering with STC why not make a donation to provide others the same opportunity to make a difference?

We do not currently employ any staff. All the behind-the-scenes work is done on a volunteer basis. The number of man hours behind Serve the City is impressive, and we’re so grateful to everyone who gives their time and skills towards Serve the City.

How to donate?

If you would like to donate to Serve the City, the best way is to make a bank transfer into our bank account:

Serve the City Luxembourg
IBAN: LU51 0019 4155 9897 4000

Alternatively you can make a donation via Paypal in just a few clics or via Digicash/Payconiq by scaning the below QR code :


If you are a corporation that wishes to make a donation, we’d be very happy to hear from you! If there are specific requirements about how the money should be used, please contact us first to ensure we can honour those requests.

We do not regularly accept donations-in-kind as we do not have the storage facilities, but if you have items you’d like to give away, we might be able to put you in touch with one of our partner organisations that could use them.